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It is not generally known that people who lose their hair from cancer or other conditions and who wear wigs need to care for their wigs in a special way. The wigs themselves are expensive (one can be as much as $600 for a very basic model made of artificial fibre and many thousands for one made of human hair).


Such an expensive item needs proper storage when not being used and one of the simple ways to do so is by having a special stand on which to hang the wig.


A few years ago several Woodworking Guilds banded together to make suitable stands for this purpose. The Guild of Woodworkers Wellington is one such Guild. (Others contributing are South Wairarapa, Kapiti and Manawatu; as well as others across the country.) Between us we aim to make around 400 a year.


Why not join us? The stand is relatively simple to make and is a good way of keeping your turning skills honed.


At left is a picture of the stand, showing the dimensions. They should be within 1 - 2 mm of that shown.


The curve on the top is a half round which makes it a 50mm gentle curve. If possible - use wood which is heavy enough to ensure the stand is stable.


Oil and wax finishes should not be used as they may contaminate the wig. The most suitable are sanding sealer, lacquer or friction polish.


The stand will most likely reside on the dressing table of the recipient and so should be as elegant as we can make it with a pleasing shape and very smooth surface.


And again - many thanks for taking part in this very worthwhile project.

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