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The MENZ SHED NAENAE started in January 2009 in temporary premises behind the Full of Beans Cafe. This became too expensive and we shared with the Shed in Wainuiomata for a year before reaching our final resting place in mid 2012 in a custom-built Shed inTreadwell St, Naenae.

This provided 126 sq m of concrete floor space and in late 2016 we completed an extension to increase this to a total of 210 sq m.

Initially we set up with a full range of wood-working equipment, mostly donated, and with the extension we have been able to start building up a range of metal-working gear. We also have nine wood lathes as we are the venue for the Guild practical activities which include the monthly turning seminars, monthly carving group and the furniture/general wood-working group.

At present there are about 100 people using the Shed each month for some activity or other, including a number of groups and individuals with disabilities. All are welcome and we have some keen women too.

As a result, we have now increased our opening hours to each weekday and several evenings. (Tuesday to Friday mornings, 9am to 12; Monday afternoon from 1.30pm to 3 and there is a learners' group from 7 to 9 pm). Specialised Guild groups meet at other times.

Contact: Archie Kerr, phone: 04 5697069 or

Other Sheds in the Hutt Valley are:

Eastbourne & Bays

Mike Parker  (04) 562 8688

Upper Hutt

Jason Tyson  (04) 528 6170   (027) 227 3449


Gary Morrisey  (04) 564 4927   (021) 1133 222

Robbie Hinds  (04) 971 6857

Barry Renshaw  (04) 564 7335   (027) 444 9973

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